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List of Researchers

This page introduces the faculty members of each laboratory in AIS.
(As of May, 2018)

Faculty Members

Core course

advanced research strategy and social systems

advanced materials and devices

advanced imformation systems

Information Devices Professor YAMASHITA, Shinji
Associate Professor SET Sze Yun
Professor NAKANO, Yoshiaki
Associate Professor TANEMURA, Takuo
High-Performance and Dependable Computing Associate Professor NAKAMURA, Hiroshi
Co-creative Community Planning, Design, and Management Professor KOIZUMI, Hideki
Associate Professor OGUMA, Kumiko
Intelligent Cooperative Systems Professor KANZAKI, Ryohei
Lecturer TAKAHASHI, Hirokazu
Project Lecturer NAMIKI, Shigehiro
Project Lecturer ANDO, Noriyasu
Professor HIROSE, Michitaka
Fine Digital Engineering Professor SUZUKI, Hiromasa
Professor SUGA, Tadatomo (No new students will be admitted for the 2019 academic year.)
Networks and Mobile Systems Professor MORIKAWA, Hiroyuki
Mathematical Physics of Emergent Systems Professor NISHINARI, Katsuhiro
Associate Professor YANAGISAWA, Daichi
Photon based Advanced Manufacturing Science Professor TAKAHASHI, Satoru
Associate Professor KOTANI, Kiyoshi
Communication Science Professor TANAKA, Kumiko
Networked biophotonics and microfluidics Associate Professor OTA, Sadao
Biological Data Science Lecturer UEDA, Hiroki
Biohybrid Systems Professor TAKEUCHI, Shoji
Human Centered Urban Informatics Associate Professor SEKIMOTO, Yoshihide
Supramolecular Materials Design Lecturer MINAMI, Tsuyoshi

advanced life sciences

advanced intellectual property rights studies

Intellectual Property Law Professor TAMAI, Katsuya
Associate Professor MASUDA, Sachiko
Professor OBUCHI, Tetsuya (No new students will be admitted for the 2019 academic year.)
Biomedicine and Law Professor KNELLER, Robert (No new students will be admitted for the 2019 academic year.)