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Study Abroad Program for students

Clare Hall, University of Cambridge Summer Visiting Student Program

2017 Academic Year

Mutsuhisa Ban: Doctoral Student, Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


I got the opportunity to study at the Mathematical Science Research Center from the Advanced Research Laboratory and sent it to Cambridge University Clare Hall.

Research Centre & Department: Cambridge

Mathematical science laboratories are concentrated in the Mathematical Science Center (CMS), which is an excellent environment for both human resources, facilities and atmosphere. Access from Clare Hall was also about 10 minutes on foot and was a moderate walking path, so I could comfortably study it. Faculty of Mathematics (CMS) is a faculty of mathematics (DPMMS) (pure mathematics and mathematical statistics major), a research base of pure mathematics, also known worldwide, and DAMTP (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics). During this training, DPMMS's research center "Winton Center for Risk and Evidence and Communication" was the base of our activity base. At this center, mathematicians and psychologists work together to solve problems related to risks and evidence / communication as the name implies, and interdisciplinary rooted in expertise is compatible with advanced research It is good. Researchers belonging also have an interest in diverse decision making from the individual level to the society level, and in Japan it is easy to discuss topics without discussion or opportunities to discuss easily It was. As a result, I gained a lot of feedback on my research and got new points of focus. At the center, we participated not only in the research but also on events such as meetings and discussions, and we also had the opportunity to talk about our own research. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who accepted acceptance.

The adjacent Isaac Newton Institute is an institution that plays a role as an international research hub, which hosts intensive seminars mainly for training camps, and top-notch researchers gather from all over the world ing. I also attended several seminars on symplectic geometry that was held during my stay. Although this field was not in his own specialty field, since the field theory which he himself uses is used in a natural form in this field, he can gain much inspiration about his adaptation to the field It was. I also saw the success of Japanese researchers from overseas residents, which gave me great stimulation.

College: Clare Hall

At Clare Hall, I got a room on the third floor of Brian Pippard Building. It was a big comfortable room with windows overlooking the rugby field, which I could spend comfortably every day. There was also a lot of exchange between students in the same building, and with the person who happened to be together in the kitchen (even if they were for the first time) it was easy to discuss meat roughly and was able to eat meals. We had a dinner party with friends and also went out to a formal dinner at another college. It was a nice environment where lounges on the first floor could also be easily collected and discussed and discouraged.

Dining has a function that can be said to be the core for nurturing the ecology of the college, and when sitting, "When there is a person sitting in front (even if it is a person who is first to meet you) Sitting "is a rule, so it is forced to make a situation that you can not avoid speaking anymore. Even people in the first meeting are naturally raising an atmosphere that will be discussed separately, so acquaintances will also increase naturally, as well as how people who are running the front lines in different fields are thinking about everyday You can update to. It is not unusual for it to take two hours if the discussion is exciting, and the extension game while drinking coffee is often (almost every time). Indeed, when combined with day and night, it seems that the college alone discussed about three hours every day. If you can not bring in the culture of dining to the Advanced Research Institute, if you start to make it a little smaller, how about the open laboratory system, how to incorporate ideas and good practices gained in the field as much as possible, to further development of Advanced Research Laboratories in the future I want to keep sweating towards going.

Besides Clare Hall, I went to another college and got another match. In the Queens, Jesus, Sydney / Sussex, Churchill etc etc, we also have a fuller discussion and feeling different cultures and atmosphere for each college, it is also strong that people create the environment and the environment nurtures people I was able to feel it.

For the specialty deepening studies, the goodness of the college is diversity. Even though I quickly recall the people who often cooked meals, Iranian-born theologians and philosophers, computer scientists from Portugal, American-born political economists, Canadian-born economic sociologists, Hong Kong-born psychologists, etc. , The background was diverse and the discussion was exciting. It is also an opportunity to grasp the relationship between categories, such as having a common interest in unexpected fields, or having a big difference in stance in a difference that looks modest even in a friendly field.

International conferences / workshops

During my stay I joined two academic societies in the relevant area. FSCD held at Oxford (International Society for Formal Structure for Computation and Deduction) was able to participate in a schedule and gather information on the latest research trends. In addition, at D4P (Data Society for Policy) held in London, there were participants from the European Commission and other international organizations and governments as well, and in addition to being meaningful on networking, the Academia Dialogue with practitioners was attempted, and we were able to obtain a lot of useful information in social implementation of each country. The application session to humanitarian policy which Harvard Humanitarian Initiative had organized, in particular, was also very useful for knowing the actual feeling of so-called humanitarian policy field. Either way I did not report it this time because the announcement recruitment had already been closed at the time the selection for this training was decided but since there were still many harvests, I would like to report myself next year.

Visit: Hitachi Cambridge Research Center, Oxford University, University of London

I visited the Hitachi Cambridge Research Institute with Prof. Takao Hamakuba who was staying at the same time as a visiting fellow from Advanced Research Laboratory. Although the content that I explained to others was wonderful, the content that Professor Hamakubi asked me was very accurate and researchers from other countries gathered together and said, "It is for the first time that such an essential question was made" It was strongly left in the impression that it was.

Professor Hamakubo gave me the opportunity to talk at the college as well, and the teacher 's past experience and research, why I went to the medical department from mathematics department, my graduate school and my future, from now on, the application of applied mathematics in Japan Professors of various things, despite being busy, such as position and aiming direction, present state and future of Japanese science and technology, etc. More than anything, it was greatly encouraged by the figure that "I would like to cure cancer" but I was totally encouraged and the overwhelming effort to really realize that in the supple strength of the word I was able to feel that it was feeling something. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Like Dr. Hamakubo and the great teachers who have been leading the Advanced Research Institute, he also made a determination to cut in to a question unknown firmly.

During my stay, I visited Oxford University and London University and many other research institutes, and I was able to discuss with various experts. We also had a dinner with local experts and professionals in the local group, and we were able to discuss the ways of fighting in the world of Japan and their respective careers.

About research

Research on risk and uncertainty in behavioral decision theory, research on evidence and communication using game theory, evidence, mechanism and design etc. In particular, with regard to the belief revision model using grammar categories and the computational model of pragmatism, we could obtain multiple ideas and progress.

For the future

Of course, from the advice (and Boyaki) of various people, as well as the contents of the research, many tips on researching research were able to be translated into languages. If you give it all you can introduce some of it from memos at hand:

  • Focus on good quality research
    Study not only fancy but also firmly follow
    • Hold the endpoint firmly rather than research for press release etc.
      Knowledge not only catchy but also thoroughly effective is important
    • What can be understood at the present time does not challenge the thinking framework itself at the present time point
    • Decide not to do research that you can not do yourself
      We promptly publish research that other people can do and turn it into collaborators.
  • To improve performance
    • Make time to hone your ax
      In order to cut wood efficiently (not keep on striking with force) regularly arrange the tools
    • Choosing the right tools
      Do not hit bolts with a hammer
    • To cherish good habits
      It is nonsense at the point of consciousness of the concept of productivity and high productivity is realized by automating this
  • Be a charming researcher
    • It will not become a degraded version copy of your supervisor
      "Stand up properly" on the giant
    • The higher the heresy of the research is, the more important it becomes to be liked as a human
      People fear what can not be understood.
    • Do not fear heresy but do not like, just walk straight
      Many people adapt somewhere and go to each way, so it is theoretical that they just become heresy somewhere when walking straight. There is no need to crowd.

Do not be afraid to be a solitary researcher, loneliness is to be considered as the fate of the state-of-the-art person, to continue research at my own pace.

"To cure cancer" "To make quantum computer" "To eliminate barrier" - It is recommended that all wisdom be mobilized to drive all wishes and drive wedges in unanswered questions that have never been realized in the history of humanity. I was able to realize again the wonderfulness of such advanced research laboratory culture. While utilizing Cambridge's learning, I also want to embrace my wedge firmly.

(September 20th, 2017)