Student Life

Student Life

A variety of systems and facilities exist to help all students enjoy campus life. They provide assistance with everyday living, health, and money matters. Here we introduce some of them.

Enrollment and Tuition Fees

In the 2013 academic year, the enrollment fee was 282,000 yen, and the annual tuition fee was 520,800 yen. The annual tuition fee is paid in two installments. The fee for the first semester (from April to September) is paid in May, while that for the second semester (from October to March of the next year) is paid in November. They are paid by automatic bank transfer from the account you registered on the tuition fee deposit account transfer request form. The transfer dates are May 27 for the first-semester fee and November 27 for the second-semester fee (or the following business day if the date is a non-business day for financial institutions). You must therefore deposit the amount of the tuition fee in your account before the transfer date.

Enrollment and Tuition Fee Exemptions

Persons with permission to enroll (excluding research students and auditing students) who meet either of the following criteria may apply to have their enrollment and tuition fees waived or the deadlines for payment extended.

(a) Persons who have difficulty paying enrollment or tuition fees due to their financial circumstances and are deemed to be outstanding academic performers

(b) The person incurring the bulk of the applicant's education expenses has died within one year prior to enrollment or within six months of tuition-fee payment, or the applicant or the person paying their education expenses is acknowledged as finding it extremely difficult to pay tuition fees due to suffering loss due to storm or flood damage etc.

(c) Persons who are recognized as having other unavoidable circumstances

Financial Assistance Measures

In addition to tuition fee exemptions, The University of Tokyo and the Graduate School of Engineering provide the following assistance to students enrolled in doctoral programs.

The University of Tokyo Fellowship Special Scholarship Program for International Students

Particularly high-achieving, postgraduate international students who are privately-funded will receive a monthly research grant of 200,000 yen or 150,000 yen during the standard period of their program (up to one year for research students). In the 2012 academic year, a total of 128 students received a research grant. For the 2013 academic year, a total of 39 students were selected as recipients.

The University of Tokyo Grants for Ph.D. Research

Two thousand outstanding doctoral students are awarded 300,000 yen per year to support their academic and research activities. However, government-funded students and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science research fellows are ineligible.

Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Doctoral Student Special Incentives Program (SEUT RA)

This program seeks to encourage outstanding graduate students to participate in academic research activities in the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, to make such academic research activities more effective, expand research structures, and improve the ability of young researchers to conduct research.

Reference: Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Doctoral Student Special Incentives Program (SEUT RA) Application Guidelines (for April 2018)

Please refer to each site for the grant amounts, eligibility criteria, etc. for each scheme. Alternatively, please consult the Educational and Research Support of the Planning and Coordination Team, RCAST after enrollment.

Period of Enrollment

The standard period of enrollment until the completion of the doctoral program is three years. As an exception, however, students whose academic record is deemed to be outstanding may complete their program in fewer than three years.

In addition, a long-term enrollment scheme is available to persons who are working full-time, such as persons who are working at government departments, corporations, etc. and persons who are running their own businesses, persons who are giving birth or need to care for young children or elderly relatives, persons who it is deemed would find it extremely difficult to attend school for a long period of time due to disability, and so on.

To apply for the long-term enrollment scheme, you need to submit an application for review. If your application is accepted, your period of enrollment in the doctoral program can be extended to up to six years. Amounts of tuition fees for students on the long-term enrollment scheme are determined in accordance with “the rules regarding certification fees, enrollment fees, tuitions and other expenses at The University of Tokyo”

For more details, please consult the Educational and Research Support of the Planning and Coordination Team, RCAST.

Submission of Documents / Inquiries

Educational and Research Support, Planning and coordination Team, RCAST


Student Counseling Center, Nandemo-Sodan (One-Stop Resources) Office

There is a Student Counseling Center on campus, at which students can arrange consultations by appointment. The Center is staffed by a counselor qualified in clinical psychology, who, through the counseling process, accurately assesses the circumstances of each student and assists them in resolving the various problems, anxieties, and doubts they are experiencing in their lives as students in order to help them to enjoy a fuller student life.

In your life as a student, you may find yourself faced with unexpected anxieties or problems. You may have something that you want to ask but don't know who to consult about it, or there may be something that you want to do but you don't know how to do it. The Student Counseling Center is a facility that you can feel free to visit when faced with such doubts. To ensure that proper advice can be provided to each student, the Center keeps in contact with various other organizations on campus, and also provides introductions. Moreover, your family members can also receive advice. The content of the consultations will be kept strictly confidential, so you can use the Center with peace of mind.

In addition to the Student Counseling Center, there is also a free consultation corner “Nandemo-Sodan (One-Stop Resources) Office” that you can consult via telephone without an appointment.

Student Consultation Center


Nandemo-Sodan (One-Stop Resources) Office

Tel:03-5841-7867/0786 (Hongo Campus)
Tel:03-5841-8825 (Hongo Campus The School of Engineering Detached Office)

Health Service Center

For assistance with managing your health, you can make use of The University of Tokyo's Health Service Center. The Center has three branches, on the Komaba, Hongo, and Kashiwa campuses, and any member of the University, regardless of the department they belong to, can make use any of them. The services they provide include medical treatment, health advice, and first aid.

The Health Management Office conducts medical examinations and further tests based on the results of these examinations, provides health advice, health consultations, nutritional advice, and so on. Students' annual medical check-ups normally take place between April and June. A medical certificate is required when applying for scholarships, jobs, etc., but the Health Service Center only issues medical certificates to students who have undergone their annual medical check-up that year.

There are general clinics on the Komaba campus for internal medicine, psychiatry, orthopedics, dentistry, and dermatology, and on the Hongo campus for internal medicine, psychiatry, ENT, and dentistry. Before visiting a clinic, we would advise checking the Health Service Center website for information such as the days and times they offer consultations and whether an appointment is required.

If you don't know which clinic you should visit, or you don't know whether you are sick or not, you can go to any of the clinics or the Health Management Office for an initial consultation. You can also visit in cases of emergency between 9 a.m. and 5 a.m., even if your visit is outside consultation hours.

Health Service Center