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Greetings from the Director of Managing Committee


The Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) is a department of Graduate School of Engineering and is located within the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST). AIS is considered a unique program in the University of Tokyo's graduate education system because it belongs to RCAST, a research institute, and is exclusively designed for students who pursue the doctoral degree. AIS provides a wide range of research opportunities in the core fields of advanced science and technology including information, chemical biomedicine, environment and energy, and material, as well as the area of social science and barrier-free technology.

Our doctoral program began in 1992, using the resources of RCAST, which was originally started by seven professors from completely different research fields. Since then, our society has been facing major challenges including large-scale natural disasters, financial crisis, and technological innovation represented by IT. In AIS, we have been taking full advantages of human resources at RCAST, namely, an interdisciplinary group of researchers, in producing talents who can make significant contribution in such an era of dynamic transitions. Thanks to all the people involved in this program, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of AIS last year.

AIS is committed to keep training students so that they can start up a new field of research inspired by an interdisciplinary environment, without being constrained by the old traditions and common sense.Our program is open to working professionals. In addition to corporate researchers and engineers, we also aim to produce project managers and policy makers who have deep knowledge in advanced science and technology.We look forward to working together with people who have the strong will to contribute to future society from RCAST.


Mototsugu SHINTANI
Director of Managing Committee
Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies,
Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
April 1, 2018