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Leadership-talent growth programs (The PPP Educational System)

Aiming to nurture 'personnel with leadership (leadershiptalent),' in addition to traditional curricula with general type of lectures, AIS offers student-lead curricula, namely, 'Leadershiptalent growth program ( I )' and ( II ), in which students' actively attend lectures and cultivate the 'capability of self-education' as aims.

In the 'Leadership-talent growth program ( I ),' students build up excellent skills to create documents about their own research initiative in a logical manner and with a high level of originality and creativity through writing a 'proposal' by themselves. Students create an original research plan apart from the topic of research conducted by the students themselves or related to the lab they belong to, create a proposal document, and submit it. This program is offered throughout the year irregularly and intensively.

In the 'Leadership-talent growth program ( II ),' students' 'presentation skills in English' are polished. Students explain the topic related to their own research in English and the following question-and-answer session and debate are also conducted in English. This program is offered in winter.

AIS aims to nurture human resources with high performance through cultivating skills in proposal writing and presentation.

This program is called 'PPP Education' in RCAST combining the initials of 'Proposal,' 'Presentation,' and 'Performance.'