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Director's Introductory Address

RCAST, bringing people and society together and creating the future through the harmony of science and technology

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology

The policy "RCAST, connecting people and society, shaping the future through the harmony of science and technology" was put forth when I was appointed as the center director. The reasons are because, through interviews with a majority of professors in RCAST, the firm belief in the importance of bringing people and people, people and society together, and the contribution of science and technology in achieving these connections to create a great future. I was also profoundly inspired by the former director Prof. Yukio Nishimura who put forth a "Human Centered" policy, focusing on people and welfare. With these spirits, I would like to set a policy for RCAST to immensely contribute to the society.

RCAST is the 11th affiliated institute of the University of Tokyo, and also the latest of all. Normally, an institute would be named after the purpose of the research focus, for example, the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, the Institute of Medical Science, and the Institute of Industrial Science, however, RCAST is different, since the name "Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology" contains no particular research focus.

RCAST, with a mission setting it apart from the other institutes, has a founding principle not based on a particular branch of science or technology, but on multidisciplinary research and the fusion of arts and science, for the creation of new sciences and technologies which could contribute to mankind and society. RCAST, fulfilling its mission, now having over 40 different research laboratories with multidisciplinary fields spanning across vastly different areas: information technology, material science, environment and energy, biomedicine, barrier-free study and social science; to covering a broad spectrum of activities from basic and applied research to society implementation. Each research laboratories can maintain its independence and pursue multidisciplinary research with different departments within RCAST, to create an environment that can correspond promptly to every request of the society. These traits of RCAST are indeed making it the optimum research environment and the perfect place for researchers to create a great future, to bring people and society together through the harmony of science and technology. Furthermore, another trait of RCAST is its development to become a place, whereby faculty members and office staffs supporting each other like two wheels together.

Additionally, in order for RCAST to continue the challenge of constantly creating new science and technology, it is important for the talented, enthusiastic, young and capable individuals to learn and to grow; and the provision of a place whereby success can be achieved through freedom of research, from individual research to multidisciplinary collaborative research.

Every newly admitted students of the Department of Advance Interdisciplinary Studies should be able to personally experience RCAST as an excellent environment for the innovation of new science and technology. The curriculum that allows multidisciplinary learning is a great strength to oneself. It is up to each of you to take advantage and maximize the excellent educational and research facilities provided. Please make full use of this unusual place like RCAST in pursuing research to create a comfortable future society where people and society get connected, with safety and peace of mind.