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What is the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies?

The Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies is a department of the Graduate School of Engineering and is located within the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST). Ever since RCAST was established in 1987, the center has emphasized interdisciplinary studies and has continuously strived to provide research education opportunities in a wide range of fields, including the application of advanced scientific and technical theory related to information, chemical biomedicine, the environment and energy, and materials—the center's core focus—as well as social systems research such as social sciences and barrier-free technology. In 1992, the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies got its start as a doctoral program. Offers Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Engineering.

Our department is committed to educating ambitious students so that they can start up new fields of research inspired by an interdisciplinary environment without being constrained by old traditions and common sense. In addition to corporate researchers and engineers, we also aim to open doors for members of society striving to become business managers or policy makers armed with a deep knowledge of advanced science and technology.

Our department is a nexus of various university fields, so we are blessed with a wide range of opportunities that encompass the entire university. In addition, because we are engaged in original collaborative activities with not only Cambridge University but also organizations both within and outside of Japan, RCAST affiliates have opportunities unavailable to anyone else. Of course, we also offer comprehensive support systems—including our Long-term Study System—to help ensure that students can lead their ideal student lives.

Society is currently facing a variety of major challenges. We therefore consider it both our pleasure and our mission to diligently work alongside individuals highly motivated to contribute to new innovations and to encourage each other as we blaze a trail into the future.

Various research fields that inherit the interdisciplinary of RCAST

Comprehensive systems to welcome those who wish to continue working during their studies

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