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About the Website

The Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies(AIS), Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo Website refers to URLs beginning with
Use of this website is subject to the terms set forth below.

Administration and Operation of This Website

This website is administered and operated by AIS Public Relations Committee.


The copyright for all content on this website is held by AIS or any third party having legitimate rights thereto. Unauthorized copying or reproduction of the content of this website constitutes a violation of applicable intellectual property rights, such as copyright and trademark rights.

Linking to This Website

As a general principle, you are free to create links to this website. Please be forewarned that, following changes to the site's structure or organization of servers, individual pages to which links have been established may be moved or deleted without warning.

Recommended settings

  • Please ensure that JavaScript and style sheets are enabled. If these are disabled, then these pages may not be displayed properly.
  • This website includes PDF, Word, and Excel formats files. To view these, you need plug-ins (software) and external applications.


This Website uses cookies to enhance the user’s experience and to collect data that assists in the continual improvement of this website.
Cookies are data sent to your browser from the website’s server and stored on your computer. You can refuse to accept cookies by changing your browser settings.

Use of Google Analytics

This website is using Google Analytics in order to grasp how the website is used. The website uses cookies provided by Google Analytics but does not acquire information that can identify individuals through Google Analytics. For information about Google Analytics’s privacy management, please go to Google Analytics’s website.

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Privacy Policy

  • We will use your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information entered optionally in the online form in order to respond to your inquiries or contact you for confirmation.
  • When we receive your application for participation in events, etc., we may ask you to provide your name, professional affiliation, e-mail address, and other information in order to register you for such events and implement them smoothly.
  • We will manage collected personal information properly and carefully in accordance with regulations including The University of Tokyo Rules on the Procedures for the Appropriate Management of Personal Information Retained by the University. We will carry out appropriate and necessary measures to prevent risks such as unauthorized access to and loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information. Furthermore, when certain personal information becomes unnecessary considering the purposes of its use, we will delete and discard such information promptly and properly.

Web accessibility

We are making the utmost effort to ensure and enhance the accessibility of the website in accordance with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) X8341-3:2016, "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities, Part 3: Web content."

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